It’s official. This pope is nuts, and if there was any doubt that the apostate rot that has been the papacy for the last 1,000 years (if you’re Orthodox), or 500 years (if you’re Anglican or Protestant), or 142 years since Vatican I when Pius IX made himself infallible has reached the point of no…


Wow . . .You ploughed through all that with 40 league boots! Take three Brunos and call us in the morning. :wink:


He isn’t nuts. He is a BLEEPING Jesuit scourge of the earth.


Fine, let’s start with him.


So these two blowhards are volunteering to go first, right? Isn’t that why you suggest a great idea: because you’re going to do it, huh? Huh?


Nuts is too kind.

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That “scourge to earth” is responsible for development of classical education in most of Christian countries all over the world.

This priest makes an excellent point in one minute with regard to ‘not leaving’.

Sorry. My answer to that would be “EXACTLY”. History (and SCIENCE) taught by the victors. Liars are scourge to the earth.

Here is original message of pope Francis.

Mostly about poisoning water by modern industries, fact.
Canada Alberta made appearances twice, ???
Fracking and shale as a source of water poisoning, and excessive CO2 release by burning, fact for anybody living nearby.
Modern industries who chase afer earth resources(rare earths I presume), and poison countries with uncontrollable mining mostly in poor south(Africa?), fact
And finaly call by pope to end fossil fuel dominance, the most puzzling and warrisome in the whole message. Since it does fit nicely in a globalist agenda.
Personally I prefer to go to original sources, instead of fringe websites with enigmatic affiliations.


"Let us heed our call to stand with the victims of environmental and climate injustice, and to put an end to the senseless war against creation,” vatican funds would be well spent on that goal.

"predatory industries are depleting and polluting our freshwater sources through extreme practices such as fracking for oil and gas extraction, unchecked mega-mining projects, and intensive animal farming. “Sister Water”, in the words of Saint Francis of Assisi, is pillaged and turned into “a commodity subject to the laws of the market”
it would be more persuasive for me if papa could somehow explain how the Holy Spirit infuses the ecology. the life force is a matrix of interconnected consciousness. I would go to that church.

“Let justice flow on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream” he uses the image of a river several times in the message, reminds me of

Loved it!
Very clever.

Let those two lead the way by example.

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It does seem for many Westeners the first 1000 years of Catholicism is lost to them and today it is all about the Gnostic version. The urban myth of blue bloods and mixing with apes has taken “demonic” root.

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I agree, especially with the worship part. It has been a constant criticism of mine that America’s “civil religion,” evangelicalism, really knows nothing about worship. What it calls worship is really nothing but pious entertainment, and when that fails to entertain, one gets the attitude you speak of.


Forgive my insensitivity, but by action and affiliation, this Jesuit-Masonic troll is performing his role perfectly. I fully expect that any pronouncement he makes in support of God or the ‘Christ’ is in deference to his true master, Lucifer.

His main concern is the faithful’s attitude towards mostly political and material concerns. Check that Communist box (which his order invented). That every word and deed parrots the WEF checks all the others (also brought to prominence by their Illuminati-infused Freemasonry).

I’m not ragging on Catholicism. (And I have enjoyed the snippets of Orthodox wisdom offered in Joseph’s vidchats.) Protestantism is equally captured. We are engaged in a full-spectrum war, and nothing we once loved and understood remains unsullied. But there is no reason to be shocked by anything Francis does unless we like being upset. He is of his father the devil - and will remain so until the war is won.


Seems like theres a camp for everyone these days.

And when that’s the solution for everything you want changed in this world and you still don’t know you are the problem, then you can’t be helped.
Gates just added more groups to his future wet dream; the “death panels” as well.
People that have an expensive cure for their illness need to go, the elderly who produces less than what’s desirable needs to go, basically everyone who does not agree needs to go.
If we were thinking like Gates we’d build 1 camp to off every manic psychopath with genocidal tendencies and the world would be a great place.
Its such a simple way of thinking and won’t lead nowhere good


Orthodoxy is captured too just not as far along as the others are…

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Stalin, Mao, Hillary… reeducation… I sense a common thread…