Frank Hoogerbeets predicted the recent earthquakes in Turkey. How is this possible?

I am well aware this 16 minute clip is in Dutch. Use translator, I think it well worth a listen to.

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Again, we are back to throwing out the physics books when it comes to “gravity”. I heard a similar discussion related to the toroidal electromagnetic affects of the plates that become predictive of seismic activity (I will try to find it). This is an electromagnetic universe. The sun being a positively charged force, the moon negative, so the affects of the planets cannot be disregarded since civilizations have been studying them in relation to the stars for centuries (horoscope). The entire astronomical model is incorrect. I am still studying what is possible and can not say yet what theory is best; however, I am confident that what we have been told since kindergarten is total Disney.

I am done accepting theories developed by Jesuits (earth revolving around the sun).


Regarding the Jesuits in general about anything, especially concerning a place in heaven for special sinners, how can anyone trust anything they have or will say?