Freezing Drizzle... Add it to the Growing List of New Weather Phenomena

Freezing drizzle??

There has been an “atmospheric river” (green and cyan colors in image below) flowing northeast from tropical Pacific through Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, etc., for days now. I said through; oops, perhaps that should be “over.”

Simultaneously, at lower elevation(s), there is: (1) a static “northern” cold air mass covering much of Texas (in dark blue); and (2) and a moving warm air mass (in white) that starts some hundred miles off the Gulf coast and from southern Mexico, which flows northerly well inland right under that river.

Watch the NOAA animation below to get a feel for the flow of these three air masses. You can select other Bands on the NOAA Image Viewer, to include visible clouds, but this composite channel better distinguishes air masses by color.

Elana Freeland stated that “THEY” [my term] can control weather at multiple layers now, up to 24, if I recall correctly.

There are numerous straight and perpendicular lines (as well as other features) in the Texas animations that denote chemtrail activity. Many cloud lines can be seen that match the ones seen in the ground photo below (taken elsewhere four days ago); note how the feathering becomes antenna-like.

This next image was taken only 15 minutes prior from the same point. It was the first time I had seen the feathered “cloud” above the “pond scum” layer. It was a very busy spray day.

And now, at 06:36 CST, like a light switch, the promised ice storm appears:

My greater point is that NONE of this is natural. If it is not natural, then it is man-made. If it is man-made, then it has a purpose. If that purpose has not been publicly declared, then it is conspiracy.

Drought. Deluge. Gale-force winds. Freezing Rain. Catastrophe Incorporated.

“They” DO control the weather.

-The PatternGuy


Excellent!! Thank you for posting this!! :+1:

Yep. That is what rolled over us for 3 days and left Central TX running out of parts to restore their electric lines. People here are furious. (I guess that makes me people).

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I’ve heard about ‘freezing drizzle’ since I was a kid.
How is this ‘new’?
Caused by chemtrails for over 60 years?
My parents used the terms. Hmm.

Yes, we get freezing drizzle all the time up north. They feel like little ice pellets hitting your bare skin. They can sting so you try to cover up all over.

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Yeah, sure. Rain freezes as it passes through cold air. It does smart if it hits you the wrong way!

Freezing drizzle is new to ME. We called freezing drizzle sleet. I am curious if your parents used atmospheric river and bomb cyclone years ago.

Unfortunately, I cannot post the NOAA animation videos as they better illustrate my point. Below is an archive image (at 09:36 CST) that I highlighted. The red shows a new line of chemtrail clouds that had been laid down overnight which appears to me to maintain that large coastal area of warm air beneath the atmospheric river above. Green arrows for the faster moving air mass from the Pacific and Blue for some of the static cold air mass.

We are in agreement about rain passing through a lower, colder layer causing freezing drizzle. I did not mean to convey that chemtrails were the direct cause for the formation of freezing drizzle. What I find odd is that the atmospheric river air mass did not displace the cold air mass; it continued to flow above it.

I monitor the NASA and NOAA GOES Image Viewers multiple times each day and have for over 15 years. That doesn’t make me a meteorologist; however, it has trained me to see patterns and changes in patterns. In the case of this Texas ice store, the fingerprints of chemtrails and energy waves abound in the images. V-shaped cloud plumes derived from narrow, straight lines of clouds are evident in the atmospheric river as well as in the warm air mass along the coast.

What caught my attention in all this was the fact that an ice storm was happening while a tropical air mass was flowing northeast across the continent.

This was no more a “naturally occurring” ice storm than was the incessant series of atmospheric rivers that hit out west.

@thebeaver, do you believe that chemtrails, solar radiation management, weather manipulation,etc., are real?

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Freezing drizzle is not sleet.
I simply asked you what was new about it and you’ve explained.

Not going to answer the question?

To what question are you referring?

The one directed to you:

@thebeaver, do you believe that chemtrails, solar radiation management, weather manipulation,etc., are real?

I’ve seen some of your other posts and many are about weather. I am curious as to your position as questioned.

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@sharick I live less than 15 miles from George Bush Airport (still called Intercontinental Airport by most of us) and see it every day.
Does that answer your question?

I actually know people that see “aircraft trails” in the sky who do not believe they are chemtrails; so no it did not answer my question. Yes or no would have sufficed.

It isn’t that important to carry this on. Your corrected me twice on the freezing drizzle and I clarified my point on the air masses and patterns.

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I surely don’t want to correct you anymore and I’m not obligated to answer anything.
I’ll just leave your air masses and patterns to you. I just live here…

I am seeing this nearly daily up here in Northern Minnesota. Not many know it but Duluth has Both a Norad/weather dome and a military base nearly next door. They seem to need “upgrades” almost yearly a d I do have have screen shot of it doing a pulse on a radar. I’m tossed at whether the crew there is knowingly or un knowingly participating in weather mod

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I do deliveries for a living and have lots of pics and videos of weather mod in progress

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