From Clif High, recognising the tactics

“Munchhausen by Proxy-also known as Factitious Disease Induced in Another, ICD-10 code F68.1. It projects out language, imagery, videos, that support its attack on the normie humanity through the media in support of the objects of the weaponized compassion within the caregiver dynamic of MBP”-(Clif High)


Clif has some dexterous methods and means for spreading awareness for sure.

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Yes, there are codes now for children suffering from vax disorders. Doctors are burning out, caught in the multiple lunacies.

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I remember when they implemented the icd9 to the icd10 and it went approximately from 10,000 codes to 60,000 codes. I remember reading some of the new codes and thinking, well this is what we’re in for. Very few healthcare workers saw the writing on the wall and now the majority are waking up traumatized. Truth always prevails.


Yes, docs need Ai algorithms to sort through the complexity, placing yet another interfacing machine between them and the patient. Then, there is the billing office, which has its own distinct set of parameters – feats of convoluted mathematics --for getting insurance companies to pay. These function in a parallel universe right alongside still another set of lunatic guidelines for government funding streams.

Before I set my hair on fire, I run to the healing maxium of my training as a young practicioner: The first law of patient care is to do no harm.


don’t you dare to set your beautiful hair on fire!

sell it for a wig!

good money, helps the economy (your pocket), the bald people and of course some international spies and terrorists, who may or may not be bald.


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You’re a charmball! No thanks on spies or terrorists – not my thing, except in the movies. What are you watching this weekend? :popcorn:

@DrAliciaHill “Do no harm” ALWAYS :heart:

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well, thank you! i haven’t even started to sing… :wink:

movie: watched the 9-10th episode of Carnival Row, 2nd season. Orlando Bloom is the protagonist. steampunk-fantasy. not bad at all. a bit woke although - homosexuals and lesbians, but not that much to really bother.