Function in the Universe...the Electrical perspective

This is a short one from Michale Claradge, on function in the Universe; I like it because it is based around seeing the Universe as a living entity, with functionality happening at all scales. It is a stark choice IMO when compared to the death cult randomness accidental approach of mainstream cosmology. For me, it reinforces my idea of being a participant in this glorious and wondrous Universe, not merely a lump of accidentally formed cells occupying space, consuming ever-dwindling resources.:slight_smile:


Everything in the Universe is part of The All & IS an Organism!! Each of us is a Spark off the Eternal Flame!! :boom:

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The Electric Universe: Understanding “anti-gravity” propulsion with ballooning spiders,which%20may%20cause%20spiders%20ballooning%20under%20certain%20conditions.


Note: remember, I believe we know that the world we can SEE is explained in “the electric universe” but, in context, I believe we are on a flat earth under a firmament with God as the overseer- the divine spark, indeed.

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Phrase of the day: “Incoherent electrostatic acceleration”. Most people, incorrectly, call it “gravity” (including me).

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