Fusion in the news again, with Japanese Sumitomo corporation

Tokamak and Sumitomo to cooperate.

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Funny how The Japanese were referred to as “copy cats” for years and now seem to be leading the way in various technologies. Not saying they invented them but tend to move them forward more quickly than most others.

There seems no logical reason to keep messing about with hot fusion, which clearly has no payoff, except perhaps IF one might, secretly , be pursuing the following endeavours:

a) to learn everything possible about fluid dynamic circulation heretofore undescribed, even by Viktor Schauenberg;
b) to learn as much as possible about magnetic containment fields, with a view to employment of, perhaps, for example, matter/antimatter reactor propulsion:
c) to experiment with Beryllium and like metals, but in crystalline compounds such as Beryl, Aquamarine or Emerald, with a view to a new physics;
d) to possibly enable new understandings of laser/maser fuse/starter engines for sustained reactions, such as lasing( /masing) through for example cuprovaleite.

Jus’ sayin’.

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