Germany arrests 25 accused of plotting coup -wanted return of 1880s military rule

Germany Arrests 25 Accused of Plotting coup - I just talked about this with my Germany housemate. These people were not trying to bring back the NAZI’s but the 1880s Imperial-Military government!

She told me - “They all still keep track of their titles and they do that for a reason.” [The old Aristocrachy] - but Prince Henry the VIII, really?


Friedrich Nietzsche was right around this time and said Germany was getting soft. Bring back the ole days when aristocratic bloodlines knew how to run things…forget the technocrats and siloed bureaucratic governments that run the citizens in circles. Long live the benevolent Monarch and his obedient Princes.

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You mean something like this from the old days when coal and iron ore were the main thing overthere?

Sounds like some Soros style rigged revolution.
Likely paid actors getting sold out to distract people from real events happening.