Giza death star at lulu

Hi folks… well my friend Walter Bosley has just finished uploading the reprinted Giza Death Star book (with cool new cover art) on Lulu, and the address is here: He has done this under his imprint so he will get a percentage on each copy sold as well as me. Here’s the link:


Joseph, is it the same as the old one or a revised one? A bit more change then just the cover which is beautifull by the way!

I have all the others so I definitely need this for the complete set… glad it’s being kept in print and that’s a fantastic new cover Walter has designed.

No it’s the exact same book, no revisions. I’m trying to write a fourth book, called The Giza Death Star REvisited, which will reprise whole sections from the other books, though rearranged a bit to make the argument clearer, plus new materials that have emerged since then.


Thank you Joseph, that makes me eagerly awaiting on that fourth book. Sending energy your way.

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Will your new book be a trade paperback size(I hope) or another coffee table sized book?

Do you think there is any chance of having “Covert Wars & the Clash of Civilizations: UFOs, Oligarchs and Space Secrecy” re-published as well?

As far as I know Adventures Unlimited still has that in print, if they do not let me know.

Yes, they had it in stock - thank you!

Wondering about Giza Death Star Destroyed. It is available only as kindle or used. Like to buy new so @vardas3 gets some $$. It is one of only 2 JPF books not in the home library, yet.

Also, do you get $$ from books sold by Hamilton Saw SS Brotherhood… on there for $15.95 and was wondering.

All three giza Death Star trilogy books WILL eventually be available as reprinted Lulu books, and I will definitely post notices for them.


it almost reads as a threat. :wink:
by the way, last night videochat was great. i fell asleep an hour from the end - twas a looong day -, so watched that part today.
all very best!

Speaking of Giza Death Star Revisited… at the first Secret Space Program we heard Carol Rosin warning us of the fake alien threat that Werner Von Braun predicted. Just in time for your book to come out, here it comes, too!

Talk about revisited!


But before the alien invasion, shouldn’t there have to be some sort of fake asteroid events or something?

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If they would take out all the Deep State actors, the WEF, plus a few more no-goods than we need 'em sooner rather than later!