Giza death star trilogy

Hi folks… The news that some of you have been telling me is true, my publisher has allowed all three Giza Death Star books to go out of print. I’m making arrangements to keep those three books in print, and will let you know as soon as they become available (cross your fingers). I am also thinking about a fourth book, which would update the whole hypothesis a bit. This would probably mean repeating whole sections from the other books, re-writes of certain portions, plus new info and sections. Anyway, please let me know what you think.

JUST AN ADDENDUM: If I manage to get the original trilogy republished they will NOT be revised. except for the cover art; the fourth book, if I do it, will be the revision and extension of remarks.


Well, for my 5c, I would love to see a revised version of the 3 Giza Star books. You have repeatedly stated that you were a little timid in your presentation of the GDS hypothesis and did wish that you had not been (at least, that’s what I heard) and I would love the opportunity to read those books with the benefit of your retrospective analysis and a full throated revision of that topic. I would value the chance to see what you really wish you had written in those seminal works, and I hope sincerely that you take the opportunity to do so.

Best of luck with the process!


I ordered 3 of your books from Waterstones two weeks ago, one being The Giza Deathstar Destroyed, I’m hoping they will be able to source it!

That is a great idea Joseph! Brilliant! I would be thrilled to pre-order the fourth book. If you use Lulu again I hope you can format it like a standard Trade Paperback and not a huge Coffee Table size.

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I also would like to read a revised edition of the 3 Giza Star books and a fourth addition.

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For the record I own your complete catalog and my budget is open ended for any further output.


Book paper shortage, hope no delays!

The shortage reportedly happened after more books were ordered over the quarantine period of COVID-19 during the past couple of years, causing a less paper supply. The lack of the availability of paper was also apparently caused by people walking off their manufacturing jobs at paper plants, resulting in ongoing labor shortage.

Britney Spears’ Tell-All Book Reportedly Delayed Due To Paper Shortage

Britney Spears’ Tell-All Book Reportedly Delayed Due To Paper Shortage – Hollywood Life

Fabulous. We set a goal of buying a complete catalog of all your books when you had your unfortunate heartfelt experience. We limited ourselves to what we could get where you got the most $$, i.e.: no secondary market books.

A complete trilogy was impossible without the secondary market. Thank you for working this out.

The update sounds good and the 4th book would be like one for those who aren’t sure they want to read all 3 Death Star books. That way, after reading the 4th book, the un-voracious reader could read the others for more details if so inclined.

Besides it often appears newer Gizars have not read any of your books and don’t really get what we are trying to do here. Reading JFK now - WOW!


The Giza Death Star has latlely been a large part of my thinking, and research. Reading any of your works is enlightening, and a revision of your epic trilogy would be most welcome. Sign me up for at least 2, or even 3 copies. Then I could pass a couple on to others that seems interested in learning some ‘real history’!

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I’m a reader.
Can’t wait!

Sadly true.

At this point in time all I can do, pray and give good books away and hope further down the line it makes sense.

Wouldn’t that be because of those crazy green politiki things? It doesn’t work and they supplement with things that do, like wood for instance! Didn’t that leftie crazy guy, for once, made a good documentary about that. Haven’t heard off him in awhile, an ugly man from the movie bussiness if I remember correctly!

Here another example;


just do it.

for all of our understanding Joseph.

and a real dear thank and gratefulness unto who you are and what you do.

keep the fire burning, that is all we can do.

God bless all sentient beings


“This is not meant to detract from Dr Farrell’s original post.”

hilarious. thanx for the laugh!

Not only do the newer Gizars not read Joseph’s books, they CLOG the forum with massive amounts of posts. I can think of one guilty party right now! GeeeZ

How often have you seen any references to any of Joseph’s work on this forum since “The Days Of Gyger”? Hmmm? What has happened to this website? Remember the summer when we had 77 or 78 members in the VidChat chatroom?


… and often make nasty remarks and declare ownership of topics.

Trolls and their compardres.


This is good news to be able to buy original giza book, only seen a few copies of that for sale at over $100 on amazon haven’t been able to spend that.

yes, yes, yes and sadly yes. one has his mood going away because of such things.

This is too bad about the trolls, maybe more aggresive moderating would help with those whoever all is considered to be a troll.

Some forums use a warning point system for users who are being disruptive to check to see if they can be reasoned with before terminating them if they cannot be.

and the minute they feel that they went too far, voilá! ‘they’ present a brand new topic with one of Doc’s old interview with a ‘favourite one’ sidelick, which is cherished. just happened overnight.

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