Giza main site down error 500 bad gateway mon apr 25

7700 giza down error 500 bad gateway

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Same here. I worked around through an alert link in my protonmail. Alicia

This is what I got when doing a website down search:

It’s looks like the domain https// was blacklisted in our database.

It means that the owner asked us to add this domain to our blacklist to prevent future requests from our crawling bot.

We can delete the website from our blacklist only if the owner asks for it.

If you are the owner, please contact our support in any convenient way (chat, email, etc.)

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Thanks nperpetuity! I got something just like that from Chrome early this morning, but I was too sleepy to take a screenshot. Alicia xo

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American author on DNS blacklist. 1st amendment is garbage. The entire constitution is so much toilet paper. REBOOT THIS SYSTEM.

I went through the same thing, I could not get connected to the site, still can’t through my phone.

Has the site changed? I am missing out on so much!!! Help

Bad, bad gateway!!(out x# characters, but I undersyand why, ;->).