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Every now and then I get a couple of articles that I just have to blog about, even though they have nothing to do with the daily dose of apocalypse-threatening wackiness that the modern world has become, thanks to its “leadership” class of insane people like alleged President Bidenenko, or fun-loving Tories in 10 Downing…


“The Pharaoh decided to dedicate a chamber deep within the Pyramid to the discovery."

this was the sentence when i lost it and started laughing with all my mind.
imagine i find an old chickenbone and decide to entomb it with myself. :rofl:
btw: Avril Sap - French archeologist with a name that tells volumes and nothing can be found of ‘her’ on the net. wu-man in black. only this other ‘finding’.
and lookie-lookie!:

u can’t make this stuff up

Now that’s just too funny. His Story is sensational.

I have found Billy Carson’s offering of “Compendium of The Emerald Tablets” quite revealing. Thoth claims to have built the Great Pyramid, explaining why he did so & that there are chambers that look like they end in a wall.

I found Thoth’s writings quite intriguing & the prophecy on pg. 185 sounds like what we are living through right now!

I have also found the work of Paul Anthony Wallis very interesting! He is an Anglican Priest in Australia who has been led down an amazing path & has written a series of “Eden” books. His website is The 5th Kind.