Going after the Biden Crime Family!

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The Democrats hate President Trump and want him in ja..."

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Instagram blocked being able to download the video.

Corruption and nepotism is baked into the system at that executive level, and it doesn’t matter which party you are from.

It starts before they even get to such heights, by Congressmen having to spend a significant portion of every day on the phone begging rich people, corporations and lobbyists for political donations to get re-elected.

Then you get to the level of Presidents, Governors, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, Chairs of the most powerful oversight committes, etc, where your family gets jobs, perks, or straight up cash for doing nothing…who knows what the real price is.

Far too many people only seem to care about this when it’s the other political party is doing it…not recognizing that though there are two teams, they’re not red and blue.

There is Team Special People…and there is Team Everyone Else.

Corruption is found in all political parties. Obviously. The “some people”, another tell; “Far too many people”, yes, and…

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Don’t forget the corruption at the corporation level, the NGO’s and “contractors” who do everyone’s bidding.

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