Half of Ukraine’s army has now been deployed to Donbass – Moscow

Wait, could this be the other way around, or some such?

pretty obvious the Biden administration & the NATO psychopaths want to start a big War on the european continent especially as near to the territories of Russia as possible.

Could even start this year.

USA wants this because Biden & his criminal administration are in free fall & could use the distraction of a War to get away from their homemade problems & dislike (even fury) against him & his complete administration.

NATO is always on board to start any War to help the big companies & weaponsellers to get back to more business & Russia is since centuries the “most wanted” enemy of europe, especially Germany, west europe, UK, USA & nearly all of the NATO partners.

It is not just the Ukraine that is gearing up: Poland, too.

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Europe has for decades revolved around Poland, war-wise. Think: Pole-Land.

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if u let the fox into the hen’s pens…


Inventor Lee Wheelbarger on YT is following Ukraine action almost 24/7.

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Your response gives me a clue you are not a Slav. In most of the Slavic languages “pole” means flat land . Poland is in 90% quite flat, easy for the troops to march thru, unfortunately.

I agree with one percept of your note, that sea powers in todays world that’s primarily Anglo-American alliance are working hard on trying to stop New Silk Road and stop connections between Euro-Asian land mass. They want to keep a commerce going thru the oceans, where they can dictate the rules. Nothing stops the commerce and strategic flows like a war. But who besides US and UK can possibly benefit from the war on entire Eastern Europe Flank Starting in Estonia in the north, ending in Crimea Ukraine. Answer is Russia. There are 10 ports in a Baltic sea being built around St. Petersburg, Russia would love to completely control all the trains and ports in that part of the world, and that way control probably 80% of all goods coming from Asia(China mainly) Right now countries like UKR, BY, Poland, Baltic States are in a way of that complete control.

English is a hieratic language. So, more like looking at a map from above.