Happy Birthday Richard Wagner!

The inimitable Anna Russell gives her hilarious, irreverent, but uncannily accurate, 20 minute synopsis of the 20 hour (!) 4 opera cycle Der Ring des Nibilungen, in the spirit of P.D.Q. Bach, Tom Lehrer and even a little Darlene Edwards, which I present in remembrence of R.W.'s 211th birthday May 22. Enjoy!


Thank you, White Raven, for posting this! We had (and needed!) a good laugh!

We’re embarrassed – both Canadians and had never heard of Anna Russell! The internet has sure changed things!

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lol… thanks for posting. I remember the first time I heard Russell’s 20 Minute Cliff Notes version of the Ring, and I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

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Glad it brought a touch of levity in these “interesting” times!