Happy birthday shiloh

what a beauty!

Happy birthday to Shiloh the postman chaser :cowboy_hat_face:

My last furkid was badly abused; she was rescued by a old man with impaired sight whose neighbour kept her tied up without shelter in a yard, and beat her to make her tough when she was only a puppy. The old man punched the thug on the nose and took her, she became his unofficial guide dog. When he died I adopted her. We made an instant connection and she jumped into my car without hesitation. Then I got her home she ran round our little cul-de-sac, then into my house and then looked at me as though to say “Where do you want me to park?”

I live next to a field where people exercise dogs - she could not believe her eyes when she saw other doggies playing. Then into our wood and she was beside herself with joy; she bounced like Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout. She had to learn to play - got overexcited and tried to catch things before they were thrown. Took her a while to trust men, a couple of chaps were very patient and helped her get over her fears.

She became our village Cuddlehound - everyone wanted to hug her, including tiny children whose parents were aghast at their going near a large Alsatian. I would just say “Its OK, Robyn is an ex -guide dog.” She was a real blessing, I have such lovely memories. She now rests beneath a beautiful rose aptly named The Shepherdess.


I hope she got many Birthday greeting weemails :slight_smile:

That’s a sweet picture and what a beautiful face Shiloh has. You’ve shared much love and given each other new life. May you have many more happy birthdays together. Since I lost my two beautiful Maine Coon siblings I haven’t had an opportunity to have a pet so I love watching @TheDodo youtube videos of rescued and adopted pets. Their love and devotion are so unconditional.


I only have one dog story. When I was 15 years old I got tired of my parents trying to tell me what to do so I ran away. They must have been terrified. I slept in a coastal forest of dunes and swamps. The first morning that I woke up a golden retriever was sitting next to me in the sand guarding me.


I agree Margaret…I still watch such videos and try to donate to animal rescue charities every month. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to have some dogs again.

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You can tell she’s sweet from the picture alone… You’re both so fortunate to have found each other!

The bond between people and their beloved dogs (and cats!) is something special indeed. Experiencing that bond is enough for me to reject the mechanistic Cartesian animal-as-machine cosmology out of hand.


I often think we get furry angels sent across my path.

Happy Birthday Shiloh….where’s your party hat😄


I have followed the genomics scientist Kevin McKernan on Twitter throughout the plandemonium/
planscamdemic, and I always tell people it’s to see pictures of his two Maine Coons Ollie and Trey as much as for his science about SARS-COV-2 and the jabs. My former cat is still alive & living the good life, but I miss her still (moved & can’t have a pet here).


I know this is a belated birthday wish but here’s to many more years of kibbles and love.

THank you Ellie (and sweet Maple)!

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I sure hope there are animals in heaven … it wouldn’t be as joyful without them … Happy happy birthday little Shiloh …

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