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Well, there’s yet another Antarctica strangeness story to relate. If you’re a regular reader here, you know the long (and very strange) list of people associated with, or who have actually visited, the place. For those of you who are relatively new to this website and its blogs, however, it would be helpful to have…


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Since Christians believe that Church(all baptized members in a state of grace) is a mystical body of Christ here on earth and whatever Christ went thru in his earthly body, we as a church will go thru too. Than there is that scene in gospels of Satan revealing himself to Christ and tempting him three times.

Maybe we could look on the words of Buzz Aldrin of experiencing “pure evil” in Antarctica, as a premonition of what’s to come in a line of that temptation of Christ gospel?

The Aldrin ‘pure evil’ comment warrants some analysis. I don’t have the answer, but will pose a few thoughts. All the stories of abductions / interactions with entities (mantids, greys, tall whites, etc etc) don’t really mention anything quite like the description ‘pure evil’. Some seem unpleasant, pure evil doesn’t seem to come up though. Would a nasty Annunaki / Elohim qualify as pure evil? Biglino’s translation, with other’s interpretation as ‘sky people’…all the human sacrifices. Consuming adrenochrome under the ice perhaps? One would think transporting all those young children from / to just a few airports would have raised one honest pilot/loadmaster’s guilt levels for a hint of a leak, but nothing like that I’ve heard. Perhaps the fabled ‘soul recycling machine’, but why would they parade seemingly random world leaders in front of that? Aldrin was enough of a Christian that he took materials for sacrament with him to the moon. Hoping Dr Ferrel is making headway to understand some of these questions.


Dr. Farrell. The correct spelling is all over this website.

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Thanks for the correction. My mistake - apologies

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Everything you mention above. But it is most likely the machine for grinding souls. Not for recycling souls. Of course this is the planimetric blueprint of the machine. Otherwise, some interpret it as a Black Sun. From what I have seen, this machine exists, it is real. But there is nothing black in it, I say the parts are some sort of shiny gray metal.Is it evil?Yes it is.Pure one also.Here is the planimetric image of it.Closest representation that i can give.Although this is in a shape of a type of cylinder or a cone,from what i “saw”.

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