Historic first: DeSantis to require teaching Hebrew Bible in Florida's public



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Problem is…we have never received a correct translation of our Creation Story in the Bible! For more on that check out Anglican Priest, Paul A. Wallis & Mauro Biglino. They do a great job getting at the original word meanings. “It’s a monstrous “God” we have created because of mistranslation.”

Being a Baptist Minister’s dau., I am well versed in Biblical teachings!! :upside_down_face: It has been SO refreshing to see someone finally coming out with a more logical approach. We have been reading The Bible in a kind of “bubble” when there are many Ancient Texts that can help us better understand our past.

Paul’s website is The 5th Kind. He has quite a collection of videos on ThemTube as well!! :innocent:


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I don’t know why anyone would think the translation of Hebrew bible is more reliable than The New Testament, which I don’t think is allowed to be taught. And at what point is the line crossed from teaching torah to talmud? I can see where this is going…Easy Button.