Horsepower. “Used cars have become unaffordable”

The Amish have it made!

Horsepower. “Used cars have become unaffordable”—CNN Business


The Davos crowd, or WEF (same criminals) started the green movement to take down the “useless eaters”. This means stopping oil/gas, combustion engines, individual home ownership… the “you will own nothing and be happy”. They know the average American/European would be devastated in a 19th Century world. Welcome unaffordable everything.


Time for an affordable leadership?


How about auto shops that don’t charge $125 an hour and cause more problems for your car then they solve?

I have kept all my old cars and pretty much have been able to eliminate all “those” shops. My Land Rover rarely needs help but when it does it would be expensive if my repair shop wasn’t exclusive in working on cars that can always be fixed even after 200k miles. I live on a ranch and can’t make it to my house without this car- cheaper to get it fixed than the roads. Trust me, I am going to fight electric cars with all that I have!

Both of my trucks are at almost 300k miles, older one is from 82 has been disabled for almost six months now because brand new center drivetrain bearing failed just a year after it was installed, which they say is because universal joints are also bad and need to be replaced and they didn’t notice that when they replaced the bearing the first time. Anyway I’m not against electric cars if they work but I get concern about them being able to remotley disable those, but that’s not a problem unique to electric drive systems most gas motors have been built with electric controlers since the late 80s (but not connected to the internet, so maybe more reliable if not broken or sabotaged manually).