How to change account e-mail

Does anyone happen to know how/if it is possible to change the account e-mail for a forum user?

I was able to change this for my account on the main Giza site, but on the forum account page I’m not able to change this; it says: “Email can be updated from authentication provider,” whatever that is.

Opened a help ticket about this yesterday, which I think goes to @gizadev .

The e-mail I used for this is on a paid business account that is currently frozen because I’m not able to make subscription payments for that, owe them 24 euro for the past two months hopefully will be able to pay that as soon as I have some work any day now.

Have a free e-mail account also that won’t be frozen so I can change my account e-mail to that if that’s possible from the authentication provider.

Read somewhere they terminate Giza accounts if e-mails come back as non-deliverable, which is the case for this frozen account right now so am just hoping to avoid being terminated.

Contacting gizadev is the right approach. Account issues, email attached to the account are transactional processes that will be protected by the website, there are privacy matters and possibly financial data exposures if governance is not applied, so noone outside the explicitly permitted people (the business you have an account with) will be able to assist.

I should think its an important enough issue that prompting gizadev every day or so until you get the appropriate attention is warranted. It could affect the sites revenues, so there is every incentive for the site administration to be made aware of this, admittedly, somewhat out-of-the-box issue.

Keep pestering on this one, for your own sake. Send me a message if it’s not sorted in a couple of days, and I will try to make some noise for you as well.

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did you get sorted out?

I haven’t heard back anything yet, no. I don’t want to pester them about this, that doesn’t seem necessary.

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Now looks like email did change to one I set it at on main Giza account page, seems like maybe there is just a delay for that to update to forum account page. Confusing how there is a different login for these different parts of the site.

are you sorted then?

Yes all sorted, thanks.

Finally able to renew tutamail account today, that was annoying a month with no mail. This thread could be terminated, seems like there is probably no helpful info for anyone here. My email works again if anyone wants to write to me about anything. This platform looks to be beter for secure communications, but is only secure if using a password to encrypt to outside servers or if communications are only being sent within their own network based out of Germany. There is a free tier for personal accounts but business ones are pay only.