Humans, archangels, and their battles

So we don’t believe. We know that there are angels and archangels and demons, satans, devils, leviathans, etc.And moreover we know also their titles and positions in the “heavens”.
We also know which archangel was on our side about 2300 years ago, during the conquests of Alexander III, but we also know which archangel was opposed to him and fought on the side of the Indian army at that time.
Alexander was not afraid of the Indian elephants in that battle. But what he saw in the sky above him. Namely the so-called “flying silver shields”. Under the direct army command of the archangel or the god who guarded India at that time.And that is what stopped his army, and himself, from further conquests. Not the maharajas and their “fearsome elephants”.
Except in this cases and against us, the archangels with their technology namely “fiery swords” and “flying silver shields” ,as far as I remember have intervened alone only against one or two military leaders, one of them is Attila the Hun, maybe also intervened against Genghis Khan.I do not know,but probability is high.
Fun Fact:
In today’s modern Mongolia, the official language is Mongolian, but they write in Cyrillic,much or exactly the same like us Macedonians in Macedonia.Now ain’t that strange?

Acts 16:9-10 Come Over to Macedonia Bible Reference

(MSG) That night Paul had a dream: A Macedonian stood on the far shore and called across the sea, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” (NIV) During the night Paul had a vision of the Macedonian standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.”

I also bet that most of you, who are so much on the side of Russia and Belarus, do not even know what the words Rus and Belarus mean in Old Slavic, or rather in Old Macedonian. Right?

I also bet you don’t know if the first baptized Christian on the soil of so-called Europe was male or female?
And what is the name of the one in question? Right?

Yes. That happens when all of you who claim to be Orthodox or Catholic have not even read the Bible.

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