I Spy Book List


Hi – I’m Ms. Claus . . . you wrote to my Dad for espionage books. A lot depends on level of interest and background, so here’s a quiz; if you don’t pass, you get Gift #1:

How do you embed a listening device in a cat?
What does it take to build a quiet heliocopter?
What is an invisible photo used for?

Gift #1
Screenshot (4715)

If you did pass the quiz, and you still fancy it, you may receive gift #1 and gift #2. Tell my elves the code. . .
:christmas_tree: See you soon. :christmas_tree:

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i don’t know the answers. But did see something that alerted me a bit the other day. when coming home from the farm, we saw cattle munching in a combined corn field and no fence.
No fence, I said. hm … chipping cows now with an invisable fence chip so they can’t leave a certain area? are people next?