I was thinking music category first

I was thinking in which category to post here on this forum first. I decided on the music category. Remains to be seen how things will go further in time.

And one of my personal favorites.

…uhm… “best Version ever” is hardly so…

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I have some wonderful old recordings of T&F in d minor, I think the organist was Lionel Rogg. It’s a pretty mid range recording in terms of the mic quality but it does something to the flute range that is just beautiful.

So many great examples on the All of Bach / Netherlands Bach society YouTube channel.


Absolutely! Netherlands Bach Society is a place to go to blow your socks off, imho.

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Is this better In your opinion Doctor JPF?I don’t require an answer. I was just thinking out loud,or in other words I wonder textually.
And thanks for the comment on the previous post Dr. JPF. If nothing else, it made me look for better versions. Thanks again.

Using electrcity and strings.Little bit weird though.

Not crazy about this performance…

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Try also the Bach Stuftung

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How about these notes to sound trough the medium Doctor? :thinking: :man_shrugging:

And of course this intro… :smirk:

Or how about this?

Although i am more of Beethoven admirer,**loosing it’s hearing still playing and composing.Just trough the vibration of the instrument itself.That is achievment transcending human senses.That is worth admiration,from in and out.**Struggle and fight to the very end. No more, no less.

Much and the same like W.A.Mozzart