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It’s the day after independence day in the USSA, and I have to wonder, when reading stories like the following one shared by V.T., just exactly why we’re celebrating: Idaho farmers being fined $300 PER ACRE for watering crops… engineered FAMINE now under way Now, I hope you’re paying close attention to what is actually being…


Idaho is another state seeing an influx of Californians moving in and bringing there woke values with them.
It almost resembles weaponized migration.


Agreed. Many from Cali moving into Idaho and Montana have awakened are simply trying to escape. Some, inadvertently, bring politics with them that they consider, and understandingly so in Radical Cali, conservative, but are truly far from conservative, and then plant the same seeds that led to Cali becoming a communist state, in their new homelands. I do believe that there are others who are on a mission to infiltrate the politics and governments of their new home states and turn them into a latrine as well. I have seen this first hand in Colorado which was an early jumpstart of the Cali migration. I’m really tired of these bums.


Yep. They have created Communist enclaves here in Texas, too - Austin, Houston, Dallas and, despite all the military presence, San Antonio, too. The open ranch land around Austin is being purchased, high fenced, and sold off in 50 acre parcels with wildlife the “agricultural exemption” to make the taxes seem reasonable. Since I live on a ranch that looks like a huge hole in this fabric, I get calls and mail from agents wanting to “make the sale”. Pretty disgusting.


You’ll have plenty of the needed gold for your “golden years” when and if you buy into their scheme.

My awakening occurred in the mid-90’s; it made me an outcast amongst family and friends, to varying degrees. Several significant life-changing events within our family enabled my thoughts of leaving California a reality in 2021.

Understand that there are many Christians and conservatives in California; however, as usual, the Communists used their might and cunning over many decades and cunning to wear them down, wear them out, outmaneuver and now, force them out. Concentration of liberals in cities has always outweighed the will of the rural population.

Here in the Ohio Valley where I live, I am much more informed and aware of world events and technology than my neighbors and church family. People here are comparatively clueless as to what has so far been foisted upon them (jab, geoengineered food, weather, etc.) and what is likely coming down. In other words, the worldview I bring from California is the antithesis to what is being discussed in this post; however, for what good? --other than to not be a typical California nut-job.


I don’t wish to offend; rather, I wish to inform. Californians do not use the word “Cali.” Only the tourists. (Same for San Francisco; “Frisco” is in Texas).

California is such a beautiful place. I miss being there greatly. Outside, in nature.

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Cute article…

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No offense taken on the “Cali” comment nor any offense intended by the use of “Cali” to all the good folks in the state and there are many good folks there!

My travels in “Cali” have been as a tourist and as a wildland firefighter. Indeed it is a beautiful place! I have fought fire from San Diego (2003 - Cedar Fire - a horrendous event that killed 15 including a firefighter and over 20 perished in the flooding that followed.) to the Piute Fire in Kern County 2008 and up in the Modoc NF.

Suffice to say I have tried to preserve some of the lives, property and beauty of “Cali” even though I am but a good old boy from Colorado.

Never once did my political views restrain me from answering the call to help. Nor will they ever do so. Helping those in need is always the priority regardless of politics and opinions. Always time to talk some sense into folks after their bad day. :grinning: