Immortality around the corner?

I’m not sure how to take this one; the Electric Universe people are usually people I follow as they are a perhaps pioneering bunch, forging a new understanding of cosmology based on electricity as the foundation for ‘creation’ and as the foundation for Universal connection and for building structures such as suns, planets, galaxies et al. I have seen other presentations re ‘bioelectricity’ and found them intriguing. With this one, we get to the ‘source code’ for creation at a biological level, and of course, there is enormous potential here, if true, for truly great advances in a number of areas, especially human health. But I can’t help wonder whether this will all be co-opted somehow, the more so because it seems like a pathway to ‘immortality’, the ever-present ‘aim’ of the transhumanist and occult groups that seem to be causing so much ruination. I’m not for throwing out the baby with the bathwater here, but ‘control’ over such ‘source code’ for building biology is a huge step, and I wonder how far the road will lead before some form of blockage might happen :frowning: Michael Levin: The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | TED - YouTube

I feel serious outclassed by brainiacs that roam around the Gizadeathstar site, but this is my two cents.
I feel the Electric Universe is a part of the puzzle, an important part maybe, but none the less a piece. Groups, after discoveries tend to blow up that importance and loose perspective. Their model has to fit the Theory Of Everything. I quess you could call it human nature.

I think fideling with electicity on plasma is the alchemy of yesteryear and with the technological posabilities of today many scientists are lured into becoming sorcerers with all the evil bagage that comes with.

If there is one thing most of humanity has forgotten to devellop I would say that is “integrity”. Humanity is finding that out the hard way and playing catchup is difficult!


… aeons ago, sometime around January of 2021 I believe, Dana had a post titled “Surviving Death is now a Netflix documentary”. Unfortunately, I can’t locate my copy of Dana’s post, but in light of this post on immortality and one recently concerning “companions” for the elderly I post my reply to Dana.
This is also something of an experiment in that when originally posted my reply was altered and removed several times before it was allowed to remain.

Reply to Dana’s Post of January 2021 “Surviving death is now a Netflix documentary”.
Nice Dana! Thank you for inspiring the following … Yes, lets make the Death Cult “fun”, “exciting” and “interesting” enough to deserve a documentary.

Come on, admit it to yourself, after all you’re just sitting around on your COVID couch with man’s (sorry language police) best friend (translation dog) avoiding you due to your bodily emanations as in the Axe commercial, waiting on your next stimulus check having just finished off your 248th family sized bag of Amazon delivered Cheetos thinking about how this next stimulus check will allow you to have even more Cheetos delivered. Having wast… er … ah ….spent , no not spent, invested yes, invested (in the spirit of “a fee, nothing more”) over 5,593 hours achieving whatever level on whatever incredibly worthless video game – unless of course it’s Dante’s Inferno and it’s, not real, companion game Mass: We Pray, a game in which players could engage in interactive prayer and a church sermon. If you pre-ordered Dante’s Inferno you received a “mark of the beast discount”. How much you ask? Why, $6.66 of course. (All true, but do your own research.) – finding yourself totally bored out of your gourd?

22,000 days, 22,000 days it’s not a lot

It’s all you got 22,000 days

22,000 nights, 22,000 nights, it’s all you know

So start the show and this time

Feel the flow and get it right

Everybody knows, it always shows

Wasting time’s an aggravation

Got no time for confrontation

You want to take a lot

By love by law or stealth

Time’s the only real wealth you have got …

Thank you Graeme Edge of The Moody Blues for that reminder.

Hey Kids! There’s something other than mere COVID Couch Existence! (this phrase a Reg.TM of ScarmoCo.) Make those next-door Jonses soooo jealous! Be the first on your block to experience death! Give up on life in the here and now right here and now! (this phrase also a Reg.TM of ScarmoCo.) Since you can’t go to Disneyland (with all of this vaccine development admit it, the sight of giant mice running around might make one somewhat, shall we say, nervous), and with Westworld being but a bore snore (who doesn’t get shot in the street nowadays – shout out to Seattle – from the website, I kid you not – “Non-essential travel is still discouraged but we know that many of us are fighting cabin fever. Should you find yourself here, rest assured we’ll make you feel at home.” Can one imagine living in a more Clockwork Orange, Brazil (a film by Terry Gilliam of Monty Python) like world than the one in which we are living currently?) and with Stepford, Connecticut existing only in the mind of Ira Levin (for the time being, Bladerunner sexbots coming soon) …

Wait for it … Wait for it … Opening Soon! At a convenient location Near You! DEATHWORLD! (my idea of is to have a franchise of regional suici … er … ah … self-euthenasia [soft enough for you?] theme parks, although of somewhat more interest might be the planetary scale of The Deathworld Trilogy by Harry Harrison. I have thought for some time that Harrison’s series might actually be serving as something of a model for our most recent unpleasantness.) It also occurs to me that a cross promotional opportunity would be possible between Netflix and Deathworld! theme parks. A series of documentaries, shot on site in the parks, on selected persons sacrifi … er … ah … shall we say … choice, yes, lets use the word choice, to self-euthanize portrayed as being the ultimate patriotic act. Yes, why should one cause the state to incur the cost, and the burden of declaring you “obsolete” (see Twilight Zone, Episode # 65, The Obsolete Man) … oops apologies again personal pronoun police for the use of the word “man”. I’m simply reproducing the title as it was originally written. Oops, sorry again … Will this post be removed for using the word “written”? Is it still permissible to use past participles or past perfect tense or to even know about past participles or past perfect tense? I’m so unsure of the rules nowadays. But I digress …

“Death …The Ultimate in Life Experience!” (apologies again for the boilerplate but, this phrase also a Reg.TM of ScarmoCo.) Yes, yes … tell us what you KNOW Jeffrey Kripal … “Come now!”

It may be that not so much your money (finite) but your time (infinite and eternal) is the ULTIMATE harvest goal.

GIZA satire /humor disclaimer … This post is intended in the spirit of Swift and Mencken (although not by any stretch of the imagination close to the quality of these masters, although I’m working on improving my quality)

This post is not intended to offend either by inference or implication as I too (or is it to? … rules, rules, rules) am awaiting my stimulus check with which I also intend to order more Cheetos to be delivered by Amazon in a timely manner with the efficiency deemed necessary and benevolently provided by Microsoft / Amazon software logistics.

Repeat with me … Praise Be to The Computer Almighty and His Representative on Earth, Baal Gates, and His minions the Sainted, Black Garbed, Condescending, Priestly Webmasters and of the Sun Fellowship of the Holy Actionable Intelligence. May The Computer’s Blessings descend and envelope us all in the glorious, comforting Shekinah of the Invisible Rainbow, this day and for evermore.


That this post in any way, shape or form is to be understood by the reader as representing the views on satire / humor of Giza Death Star (that is the person that is Giza Death Star), its staff, management, or ownership is categorically denied by this poster.

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The deranged obsession with avoiding death* is the ultimate expression of a culture that is addicted to quantity and has lost all notion of quality – all notion of what constitutes the “good life,” in the ancient Greek sense of the term. This addiction to quantity manifests itself in other ways as well, such as valuing the accumulation of colossal quantities of money and material goods, to the exclusion of other considerations.

*Avoiding death: allowed and to be pursued provided you’re not one of the plebs.

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