This story comes to start this week’s blogs courtesy of E.E., who passed it along, and for very good reason, because a close reading of the article leads to the high octane speculative conclusion that there is much not being said about this agreement. We’ll get back to that, but first, here’s the story: Defence roadmap,…


Could this explain Gov. Abbotts presence in India in some way?
I have to wonder…

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The question is what Perfidious Albion is going to do about, France making a foothill in their territory.
Unless France is doing this as an ally of UK in that regard. That would also imply that Germany is left empty handed. Not a good strategy for EU or as I like to call it - IV Reich project.

Name a treaty the UK has not broken when it was in their best interest to do so in the past era under the heel of the banksters. Macron, the bankers front man in France is just another puppet, and is one of the world’s biggest arms dealers, ensuring arms races, while also keeping a check on the growing threat of India as its own super power. The caste system was brought to India by the British monarchy who looted the land and degraded the culture with opium, the same strategy to be used in China and now the USA. Nobody would trust them, which is why they have to have the UN, as a false construct for peaceful relations where Israel is not held to the same standard and is given preferential treatment to make war crimes a daily occurrence. India with its vast human resources and ingenuity, particularly in computer science won’t be allowed to have its independence in the space programs, while tensions with its rivals are escalated. There is talk of Israel replacing cheap labor in Palestine with Indians, only because they would work for 5 times less pay. Feudalism 2.0

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Believe me as Pole I am quite familiar with perfidy of Perfidious Albion. Their treaty with Poland on mutual defense costed Poland freedom in 1939.
That’s why I am surprised that France is throttling so easy thru their former colony India.