Every now and then I get a very unusual article from all of you that I have to pass along, together with my usual high octane speculation, and that’s the case with today’s blog article that was spotted and shared by S.D. This one clearly falls into the high octane questions and speculations category, and…


How does the Pope feel about gene editing which impacts sentience?

Previous Vatican pronouncements describe the covid vaccine as an act of love.


Do you feel sure about that?

I’m maybe not so sure, at least not yet… I’ve been following various discussions about this idea for some months, and something just keeps niddling…

The modern scientific mentality has done a wonderful job of convincing people of the existence of a “God gene”, (having prepared the groundwork for this idea by years and years of telling people that they have a genetic condition for which lifestyle changes cannot alter their condition and therefore need medications to treat). So, while everyone has been convinced that everything, absolutely everything, is “genetic” (the ultimate in materialistic cop-out for just about anything), now, after the genetic covid shots, people who have taken the shots are classified by some as “zombies” (i.e., losting their connection with God) as a direct result of the shots.

There are correlations and more correlations, and correlations brought to us through narratives, ultimately meant to deceive and derail us.

True, we’ve sometimes noticed zombie-like behaviour in friends who had taken the shots – but the zombie-like behaviour started well before they even lined up for the shots. To us, zombie-like behaviour is simply blind, unquestioning adherence to, parroting of, and adopting behaviours of bizarre official narratives. A “zombie” is simply an Order Follower Supreme. I doubt that the covid shots, alone, brought about this behaviour, although one cannot rule out covid and childhood shots along with other chemical poisonings through pharmaceuticals and food, having had a deleterious effect on one’s mitochondrial energy production process in the body, which would render one more apt to give over his or her thinking to an external thinking source simply to save energy.

A loss of connection to people can have to do with depleted energy. It requires more energy to get together with others than it does to hold one of those I-Phone contraptions to one’s face, and press a few buttons, and let some garbage ooze into the brain.

I think that the TV/Radio/Social Media have been even more powerful in bringing about this phenomenon where people have been separated from their connection to others. Not just their connection to other people, but also their connection to living systems, and ultimately their connection to God (in however different ways that different people from different cultures and religions experience a uniquely sacred personal connection to God).

Thus, perhaps I’m on the perifery – I haven’t quite bought into the “God Gene” idea. It’s much too materialistic, reductionistic, and plays right into the hands of the genetic technocrats, who will undoubtedly want to sell their genetic solutions.

And besides: Let’s imagine that were even true. That there was a “God Gene”. What of it? Does that mean that someone who has been a victim of this malevolent genetic tinkering no longer deserves our compassion or dignity of life, simply because the tinkerer thinks that person is his property? Is a victim of genetic engineering really the tinkerer’s property? Say we’re all genetically engineered life forms intended to be slaves, as some theorists have been positing? Does that imply anything about our ethical rights? What about those who did the evil transgressions (and I, for one, do believe that genetic engineering is the ultimate in evil technocratic transgressions against life)? Do we concede to use those living beings for the purposes for which the transgressors designed them, or do we help those who have been victimized (including also the animals) to recover and heal? These are the questions that I ponder in these dark times, when the genetic engineering question arises. However someone may have become a zombie, maybe we can find ways of helping them heal.


The “God” gene??? If we go to the cuneiform tablets then we must assume our “creators” were a higher race of beings. Why would they NOT include a gene splice to make sure we were subservient to them?! :wink: Why the need to “worship”?!
Better to simply say, “I Am”, as Jesus did!! Belief Systems dumb us down & do not allow for Critical Thinking! Took me a lifetime to learn that…so maybe in my next “assignment” I can start at a different level!! :rofl:


I remember Joseph mentioning in the early days of the vaccine rollout, or maybe it even was the trials, a woman saying that it was like “they turned off the connection to God” (paraphrasing).
Seems she was very much on point with that one


Hmmm…and oh boy.I didn’t know that “God” could be just ejected just like that.Like is nothing so "He"is prone to ejectability.Outdoors on white stone.

A patent slave?Really?In the sense of the topological metaphore?NOPE.I don’t think so.Neverso and nevermore.In my opinion anyway.