Inside the lab that’s growing mushroom computers

Could this be an attempt to extract information from the planets mycelium networks… Or an attempt to digitize nature… or an attempt to use nature itself as a surveillance device… or is it related to the neural link research… or something else???

I also thought these fungii facts were interesting


Mushrooms as well as slime moulds are truly amazing organisms . One of the objectives might be finding ways to utilize their intelligence

“In a 2010 experiment, when its plasmodium (of a slime mould) was surrounded by oat flakes arranged in the same pattern as the cities circling the Japanese capital, it created a pattern that was strikingly similar to the layout of the railway system around Tokyo. By responding to the need to create the shortest connections between its food stations, the slime mould achieved the same economies as human architects.”


Much like dr. Farrell is fascinated with octopuses, weird, almost alien to earth and possible million years old, my fascination is with fungi.
Also weird, nothing like other living organisms. The largest living organisms on earth, some of them half a mile large. Only recently classified with separate kingdom in biology systematics, after the kingdom of animals, and plants. Some say that they run the show on earth :wink:


Yes, I have seen the oat flakes/slime mold video before. It’s really interesting!


I’d wager it’s about all of the things you mention in your original question.

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