Introduction to Forgotten Christianity (based on Dr Joseph P. Farrell's "God, History, and Dialectic")

This 8-part Video Series will be extensively covering the first 1000 years of Christian history from a theological standpoint, using Joseph P. Farrell’s masterpiece “God, History, and Dialectic” books, particularly Volume 1. This means we will be starting from Pentecost and end it at the Great Schism. Although “neutrality” is not something I can promise, since I myself am an Orthodox Christian, I will nevertheless look at various historical events and key persons with professionalism and detailed analysis.


I got a copy but its unreadable: huge margins and tiny text my old eyes can’t cope with. Sent emails to Dr F and the publisher to ask if this was the correct format but got no reply.


I think that when it goes out of print, some publishers just make copies of copies of copies.

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Thanks for the link!
It would seem, and I’m not sure if Dr. Farrell is aware, that some of his older books are now available electronically…

Volume 1 of Dr. Farrell’s magnum opus.
This 2016 Digital Edition is clean, and readable on any modern computer that supports PDFs. There are, however, flaws, the occasional numbering error, even perhaps a missing note or two. If you accept these weaknesses, then enjoy, reader. You now have access to the great work of theological, philosophical, and historical speculation by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell.

Just a reminder folks that the ONLY copy I have authorized as canonical is the hard copy at Lulu… the rest DESTROYED my formatting, careful analytical table of contents, and used modern fonts that I would NEVER use.


Thanks but I can’t stand ebooks, need a proper tome.


Me too! Also, there is a great opportunity to change the words and phrases in an electronic version.

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The ONLY copy I approve of is the one on Lulu.


I got it!..
Thank you!