Iran’s ability for “get backs” in conflict with Israel

Very interesting if interested in Iran’s capabilities and strategy if attacking Israel.

Think the effect that harassment from multiple fronts would be a mess for Israel. Also based outside of Israel being taken out. And this video is just focusing on Iran. I don’t think many government of Arab nations “could stop” the will of their people to insist (and be willing to go fight) on some “get backs”.

Albert Pike talked about 3 world wars and how this “long term” plan is going to happen. The two world wars did occur and it looks like the 3rd world war is in progress. According to Pike, this war is going to mutually kill of “Islam” and “Jewish” people. Please keep in mind, Iranians are not “Arabs”, therefore it appears Albert Pike is correct. The grand chess game is in progress, and people like a “Judas goat” are falling for this scam. This could very well ignite the war between Arabs and the Jewish state. As Iran will only be the catalyst to start it. My question is; when the entire human spices would wake up and realize we are being played? If everyone stops participating in this sick game, the entire system would claps. I wish people would focus on this important fact.

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The idea of Iran attacking Israel is based on the concept that they have blind, homicidal, suicidal hatred for the country/people. Not sure if it’s accurate. Feels more like they’re pawns.