IS “the disappearing” really imminent? will jesus return in 2022?


July 26, 2022 by Tom Horn

Are you ready for the return of Jesus Christ? Are we that close to his return that it could happen any day and at any moment? Could it happen in the year 2022? The answers are, Yes, Yes and we sure hope so. Why even the Jews and Muslims are giddy with anticipation about the year 2022. The ulta-religious Jews have been claiming that their Messiah is not only coming, but is already in the world just waiting to be revealed. The current Russia/Ukraine war has some Jewish Rabbis convinced that their Messiah will enter the world this year, (2022). Meanwhile, across the religious divide, some ultra-religious Islamic scholars have deciphered the Quran and have determined that Israel is done like toast and will be tossed into the dustbin of history in the year 2022. Which will then of course allow for the emergence of their particular brand of messiah, (the Mahdi). And let’s not forget those crazy Christians, (like those of us that compile this blog and those of you who read it), that think Jesus Christ is ready to step through the dimensional divide to catch-up his Bride, the Church. Given all that is currently happening in the world today, the year 2022 looks as good as time as any for Christs return…(READ MORE)

Any time at all would be just fine.

Or maybe instead of waiting for him to return, learn from His messages and TAKE ACTION. Don’t wait for the hero to save us.


Good post. Thank you. Pretty much what I’ve pieced together.

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