They will use the two-way communication to cut power, whenever they feel like they can get away with it. This will be a gradual change, not everywhere at the same time.
As the US infrastructure declines, and we move into Third World $h1t-hole status, we will have more brown-outs and blackouts, electricity will be centrally controlled. They are trying different models around the country. Some millionaire high-rise condos are already bragging about having their own power generation source.
As our infrastructure continues to deteriorate, we will see controlled take-downs more and more.
It’s part of the de-industrialization of the US, which was publicly announced the 70s with the Lima Accords (although it was disguised as Economic Democracy. It was sold as bringing the rest of the world up to US standards, but was understood by insiders to mean taking the US down to world standards.)


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That does seem like it would probably be one potential use of these, either for simply shutting off power if a bill isn’t paid or for the sake of rationing power depending on availability.

Most areas with sunlight can generate enough power to run their own buildings, but obviously need a battery bank system, generators or to be connected to the grid to work withought sunlight.

Here’s a new building on capitol hill with a massive solar array and water recycling system, can operate fully off the city utility grid as a “living building.”

The Bullitt sisters, very wealthy, were a strong support for the real environmentalists back in mid-century America, and had a lot to do with Seattle being a wonderful city.
Everything important gets taken over. I remember when the Big Boys took over the environmental movement, and the Bullitt Foundation fell along with all the other groups…
At that time, in the 1980s, the Bullitt sisters were too old to put up a fight.


I don’t agree that everything important always gets taken over by something.

Pretty much as your YT link said.
There is also reports of Pakistan Treasury in major trouble.
HRC really picked these guys out of some bunch as The Most Dangerous Country On Earth because it has nukes. I wonder who’s going to bail them out? Will they be bailed out or, have to surrender assets?
This is nasty…
I accept that a lot of the internet is AI now but this one isn’t working the rounds yet. Will see if we get that multiplier affect.

The only thing I can think of that is still around and has not been taken over is lineage Asian martial arts.
Even Yoga has becomes commercialized.
If something can’t be taken over, ir gets taken down . I’m thinking here of the Human Potential Movement. No one under 40 has even heard of it, yet it was a HUGE part fo the 70’s counter-culture.
The rest of the 70’s counter-culture - organic food, rock n’roll, FM radio, alernative newspapers, environmentalism, food coops, peace activists, community activists, mind-body health, have all been co-opted and de-natured, to where they are now part of the corporate DeathMachine.


I’m not familiar with the corporate death machine, but are you saying that has conquered death itself, all of the forces of nature, the sun, moon, planets, and all of the stars in the sky?

What even is that, then?