Welcome everyone, to 2023, and Happy New Year and our best wishes to all of you for every good thing for you and yours this year, in spite of whatever bad things may be coming, and I also suspect there will be plenty of those. Yet, I cannot shake the impression that while this year…


There is no blackout on power plant attacks, yet.
I posted articles/video re: LV attack yesterday on this site and others.
It does seem, however, there’s a blackout starting regarding demonstrations in China; at least, blackouts continuing.

From “China Insights”:

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That video you posted has been blacked-out.

Those must be some real specialty parts that will take two years to replace, wonder what those could be . . .

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Most of the parts are made in China.
In some of the newer, more powerful transformers, the parts can take as long as 5 yrs. to replicate and ship to USA.


The power plant in Vegas is Chinese.
Like the one in Houston Texas that went down.
[the above is based on my memory]

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It’s reported that across The U.S., most all the larger transformers were made in China.

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I recall during Trump’s term electrical materials made in China was in the news with a warning not to use them as it would require sharing grid information etc.


Lee Wheelbarger says this is not the case, Re: Trump, or, too little, too late.
Although I completely disagree with him on Ukrainian stance, Wheelbarger does know tech and invented lots of military applications etc., not to mention the 911 Pentagon clean-up.

Going off the grid seems like the way to go.

Am wondering why the new electric meters they are installing have a two-way communication system, what would that be necessary for?

All these are supposed to do is record how much power is being used and send out a signal of that for the electric bill, I don’t see why a one-way communication system isn’t sufficient.

The only legitimate reason I can think of is for system updates if there are problems, but this also seems like a giant backdoor that could be used for all kinds of nefarious shenanigans.

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@Bahri …“but this also seems like a giant backdoor that could be used for all kinds of nefarious shenanigans”

You’re right on the money Bahri.

This from 2014:

This from 2021:
“There have been no issues with any of the smart meters, which were built to SaskPower’s industry-leading specifications.”

All in all this is serious business and they won’t be stopped.


So, who could be the main culprit if most of the ‘stuff’ originated in China, but not Russia? And, who do the TPTB in Swampington, DC balme? Of course it is those dastardly Ruskies.


Wow, right on 15 MILLION DOLLARS the cost to remove all those new meters in Saskatchewan, supposedly at least that seems excessive just to remove and replace 105,000 radioactive meters.

And that is 2014, so now they are moving forward with the new radio meters being installed? What? What is wrong with these people?

I posted this in other thread about Puget Sound Energy installing these new meters, have to pay $90 for them to be removed and then $15 every bill for non-radio meters.

Some so called targeted individuals are looking into the possibility that the electrical grid is being used to generate infrasound as part of a large scale mind control neuroweapon.

Access to grid infrastructure schematics would give an adversary an advantage and I would hope would be treated with the same threat assessment by five eyes and the US as the millimetre wave core infrastructure from Huawei was.

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There investigations will no doubt drag on ad nauseam, yet a bunch of interweb autists could probably dig it all out in less than a week. Is this “taking action action” or”giving the appearance of taking action” :thinking:

Look up asperation dispersal field, goes back to at least 1960s

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No wonder there are increasing levels of sickness with all this electromagnetic frequencies around, it doesn’t sit well with the organic human form, let alone the profound damage it is doing to our spiritual consciousness. Not as if the Molochian/Luciferian PTB give a damn about that.

What does most powergrids in the world have common??