Is this really happening? Please watch and comment! I have never heard these details before




@ntwess, Thank you for posting this. I think this woman is amazing, but I’m feeling quite embarrassed that I didn’t say as much when I posted a comment this afternoon for the vid-chat later this week. I had seen her, but in another video here in the forum, and several more on the internet. I wish I’d seem this one first, it really is the best. I edited my comments too much, limiting them to format complaints and left out any mention of her personal substance or her soulful genius. I said she was on to something but did not mention her obvious intellect and courage. What I wrote left quite another impression and I apologize. Novice writer’s remorse for unintended consequences.

Bet that was more than you were expecting when posting your question. You asked is this stuff is really happening. My two cents, based on what has rained down on us in the last four years, and now that this idea is percolating in my head, is that it feels more than plausible/possible to me.

As for not ever having seen any of the details before, you’re not alone. Nobody is expected to notice much less believe it. No one I know has heard of it and certainly not to this level of detail. But then most people still can’t wrap their heads around a modern-day, worldwide mass extinction via shot needles much less weaponized radio frequency targeted at every one of us. It’s so slippery, isn’t it? None of this technology is a “secret” yet we have been unaware of it, apparently for decades.

What are your thoughts about what she says?



@Ninna Linda, I have not felt inclined to post anything in a while but your post is so eloquent and beautifully written from the heart that I feel compelled to reply! I have a copy of “Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide To Chinese Medicine”. Its value is priceless! Sabrina is spot on; right on the button! Sabrina has my vote for POTUS. She would obliterate Biden and Trump in a debate. End of story!


I appreciate your kind words, and thanks for the reference, I’m going to hunt it down!


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Deborah Tavares has been saying the same for a long time and has featured interview(s) with her.

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Well, I think I still have a lot to learn concerning how big their sinnister plans have been and are currently playing out. A few days ago, I came across these two videos along the same vein but more understandable to me. Now, all I can think to do is be UNPREDICTABLE all the time. Matt is another great researcher who has studied world history for years. You have probably watched him in the past. His shows are always so interesting you can’t stop listening and he, like Dr. Farrell, when asked uncomfortable questions, gives honest answers.

Have you watched these two w/Matt Ehret?

1-James Delingpole and Matt Talk: Chemtrails, aliens, Tesla and LaRouche

2-Occult Hollywood, Dune and Predictive Programming

I feel with Dr. Farrell and a few others, I am just beginning to get the big picture.

PS, I still need rewatch the one I initially posted as well as her others to fully understand the information but sometimes I feel like I am ‘drowning’.

Other strange things have happened to me which I will post later. I feel they are quietly cancelling us now (me - because of Twitter/X remarks I made a few months ago & ongoing) regarding child trafficking and a certain large financial/insurance company. I found the company’s tax returns posted online and scanned thru them. The huge donations this company has made to questionable organizations stunned me. Company name starts with a T. More later and sorry for this rambling response.

Thank you for your response.


I agree with your observation about the woman, her passion and intelligence. She indeed may be onto something…definitely worth more digging (and the Deb Tavares reference in other comments was helpful).

My thoughts though on the ability to hack into a specific individuals’ ‘aura’ or immune system (vs a population or class of people) are that humans and their organizations seem not at a level of competence to pull this off. Face it…most of us aren’t worth the trouble of individual attention.

Humans and their organizations may play a role in a ‘system of systems’ that is putting a capability in place (ex: humans flying planes dumping fly ash into the air…that may facilitate distributing signals or signal processing within the greater system. ) I’m under the impression they do focus their air dumping on highly populated areas, so rather than ‘protecting’ the humans such a capability might indeed play a role in suppressing or controlling humans en-masse. And her concept of the ‘aura’ as an entry point for such control is pretty revolutionary. Now if some non-human super-intelligence is at the controls then all bets are off…tapping into / manipulating individual humans with such a system seems feasible.



Have you seen these - 1) video & slides (need to download)

Hope & Tivon - WBAN: They Have Achieved the Transhumanism “System Upgrade”

You can download the Powerpoint presentation slides with IEEE standards (LOCATED ABOVE THE VIDEO)


@ntwess Thanks very much, this was good with lots of information!