Israel external attack and internal False Flag

Had a download this evening. This is pure CNN (Craig News Network).

It’s common knowledge now that Israel knew the attack was coming. The evidence is far beyond any reasonable doubt.

Now Craig’s take…

Israeli military & intelligence & Benjamin Netanyahu’s inner circle and masters & US Neo-cons would be a partner if not driver planned much of the terrorism that seem to keep get worse on MSM. It’s like they find something new and terrible daily… until the western world is ready to further bankrupt itself to find a war with Iran that will have every Neo-con monster jerking off like all their dreams have come true. Well, all their dreams have.

How high speed operator the attack on Israel was and how many Israeli military officers got nabbed from their homes etc etc and how far into Israel this took place is being covered up by western MSM.

I don’t believe an attack this successful and well planned had time for “most” of not all the horrific evil that allegedly took place. Not saying it did not, but bear with me…

The evil actions to civilians would not help the cause in any way. A perfect planned mission doesn’t have time for the atrocities committed. I am sure that some non-mission evil people took the opportunity to do damage to civilians…

Just going to say it… I think much of the horrendous acts on civilians really happened, but who did them? Israel and western intelligence knew the attack was coming. This was the perfect.

The effective attack against military targets is an accomplishment that shows Israel will have to “be a part of the world” rather than a bomber of it. The horrific killing of civilians kills that accomplishment and leads to a Neo-con nuclear orgasm blowing up Iran. This is a long held desire of the Neo-cons and globalists in general. It’s also could see BRICs nations and the US in full on WWIII. Never underestimate the hubris and stupidity of the Neo-cons and globalists.

My theory is the attack was real and very effective. This horrendous acts towards civilians were done by paid mercenaries and/or special forces of the west.

I was in the military don’t really like special forces soldiers. Too many I have met just wanted to kill and had no moral center. Yes they would shoot up a crowed of young rave dancers.

Ok, this is way out there. But is it? Time will prove me right or wrong. I firmly believe it will prove me correct.


Yes to all of the above, its always the same modus operandi.


For reference, this is a quick synopsis of how Israel got to Palestine.

Hearing the former Israeli soldier tell of his 250 bullets (first few minutes) should say it all.


Thank You, will check this out.
In FF’s now real people die, but “who done it” is the riddle.

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Nice, I enjoy Matts breakdowns.
Gonna watch later

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