It does make you wonder

Considering there are various Psychos touting the the prospect of using Nukes, it reminds me of all that fear porn we were put through in the eighties. I was young enough to find it mildly exciting, rather than terrifying…but the stats regarding the aftermath, on reflection, seem dubious…So- Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The “science” says both cities should have been uninhabitable for a 1000 years after a nuclear war. Yet, their populations doubled in 20 years after being nuked? Hiroshima now has 9 times its 1945 population. In 1945, after the A-bomb, it was 137,000. Now they have 1.2 million people? Doesn’t add up does it?..


Those were little bombs, two cities being bombed is a lot different than an all-out nuclear war with hydrogen bombs.

Start thinking and researching about the many non-nuclear ways the Russians have devised to destroy their opponents. Once a person does that, they will understand the folks in Swamington DC should be highly concerned, Do not post the results of your research here.

You have hereby been commanded to do this research, Mr. David.

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Then start thinking and researching about how the war in Ukraine is going for them, and wonder, was I fed a bunch of lies?

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I’ve been through the “Yuri Bezmenov” thing years ago…and I only take “Commandments” written on stone Tablets, when I’ve been up the mountain… Usually a Talking or burning bush will do the trick ,otherwise no… :laughing:

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