It is busy on the world stage!

Former Pakistani PM shot in ‘assassination attempt’.

Brazil in a uproar.

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and the Russians have facts on UK in Nord Stream ‘deep intervention’.
the Russian Foreign Ministry asked today the American ambassador to Moscow to pay them a short visit in da hause…

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The globalization’s CIA brethren are “fixing”& “updating” the globalized leadership’s puppet strings;
maintaining the illusion of a self governing global stage is expensive in treasure and blood. But once done, the technological totalitarian digital “health” dictatorship - will lockdown in permanent place

Can’t have any “real” representation; nor any “real” business competition.
The less than one percent would have to give up on being [wannabe] Gods;
at the expense of a 100% of the world’s living populations[including all God’s creatures].
A 100% representation vs < 01% w/strings attached and a slew of terms and conditions?

Don’t worry.
They plan on you - not having a choice.

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There ARE alternatives. You can “disjoin” their club, for one, and become an independent or sovereign.