!IT'S WORSE THAN THEY ARE TELLING YOU. | Hundreds of Millions will starve.!

Well, to make matters even worse, the cretins who feel that sanctioning everything from Russia will somehow hurt, uh, Russia (how is that working?), have now started talking about sanctioning ALUMINUM. What the means is that aluminum won’t be available for CANNED GOODS- ie, FOOD!

Impeach these warmongers NOW before they starve and then kill all of us! IMPEACH ALL OF THEM.


in normal circumstances coz large urban population at the moment through urban gardening state could help and organize many even mids the concrete jungles, the cuban example is most famous such one [1][1][1] but are “they” willing to push such survival preparedness or wait with open arms for this kind of opportunity so would roll out full blown transhimanist technocracy for which dreamed for so long as euroatlantic elites when “they” could not be anyhow threaten by anyone except own elitist factions!?

anyway one good substitute for Corn when Chickens are in question is Kenaf [2][2][2][2] so get some seed reserves in time, it will make Your pains way lesser around feeding and expenditures, simply good protein improvisation eg. in comparison to casava leafs [3][3] and with the high yield ideal even for big improvised farms also useful for beading [4][4][4]

Hunger and poverty as we know it can be solved by introducing kenaf as a human and animal
feed. Kenaf is a fast growing plant that grows up to 20 feet tall. It is in the hibiscus family and
is currently grown mainly for its fiber to make burlap, paper and cloth. However, when the plant
is less than 4 feet tall it is correct to think of kenaf as a vegetable. It has extremely high protein
content – up to 34%. Enviro-inventor Bill Loftus has researched using kenaf as a chicken and
rabbit feed and as a human consumption food – used in salads made from the leaves or boiling it
to make greens.

This high yielding crop can be eaten raw or cooked. Feed kenaf pellets to rabbits and chickens
to create a self-sustaining eco-community. The animal feed can also be sold for income

The process: When kenaf is grown and harvested correctly you get several yields. The first 2 or
3 cuttings are for animal feed or human consumption. As it grows up to 20 feet tall, the leaves
are continuously harvested as animal feed for chickens and rabbits. When it is fully grown, the
farmer gets to sell the kenaf stalk for firewood

Animal Feed: Leaves can be dried and turned into different sized pellets as high protein
feed for rabbits, fish, chickens, and goats.

They ALL need to go to jail!

I saw a note smewhere, that means no more aluminium in the chemtrails!

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if alu gets too expensive coz the recession indeed it will be problem for global wasting by chemtrails, altho “they” can always boost the anthropogenic ingest by vaccines and drugs [1][1] or tetrapack and tin packaging [1][1] even cosmetics [1][1] I am just not sure whether earlier DonaldT executive sign in this context has weight on the price [2] and influenced now this as ABJ says note somewhere …

… what I do know is that Citric Acid can melt it [3][3] altho not sure whether alkalinity of the blood indirectly as boosted by citric acid or alone the citric acid can dissolve it in the organism [3] coz in first place also is boosting the alu absorption digestively [4][4] just like with the zinc in the gut altho later has good boost for the cells [5] stil think after the gut entrance aluminium later logically should be further dissolved by the presence of the citric acid in the body …

what is interesting is that aluminum is poisoning the plants [6][6][6] so its valid question how artificially produced citric acid (here on the pelasgian peninsula famous by the name “limontus”) [7][7][7] can help as “metalocid” sprayed on the crops!? I cant find any study where MCA is researched for this purpose!