Jacques Vallee - 'A.I Can Now Detect Real UFOs'... Are Computers Becoming Conscious?

4 ghoul conjurors I wish emigrate to mars as fast as possible.
Sorry Jacques.

At least I hope Jacques Vallée is right that the AI thing/problem could give man a big jolt in natural development especially in the consiousness part.
The man looks good for in his eighties!

Thought old Jacques Vallée was dead! (Jacques Vallee, ufo’s, demons, ghosts)

Interesting thought, “nature has suppressed some of our psychic gifts that may be reactivated under the right conditions.” And those are?

Another interesting thought: Just because psychic gifts are activated or re-activated doesn’t mean that person(s) will use or pay attention to them. Most have been taught and told, “It’s all in your mind, there’s no proof”, which can cause embarrassment, shame (because it’s not logical) and eventual unwillingness to speak out. I think this is probably the biggest hinderance to developing ones intuitiveness.

As for the assertion that computers can detect REAL UFO’s, I’m still not clear on exactly who or what the definition of “real” is? For all we know, they could be completely man-made. I certainly don’t know and don’t think JV knows either.