James Corbett interviews Iain Davis

I know we are all tired of the whole pandemic, but the fight still remains everpresent IMO, so I raise my voice one more; this interview and the book link provide a detailed commentary on the Why, the Who and the How of the whole scam, with detailed references to public utterances from ‘influencers’ and politicians under their control, as well as links to every scientific document claimed as evidence for or against the scam. I can see much more of this type of detailed examination of the whole process of pushing the entire world in the direction that the globalists have lusted after for centuries now coming in the near future, and I hope that is indeed true…people DO need waking up to the reality of where we are being herded!



Almost posted about that interview myself… The part I liked most was the last segment, where they talk about the mindset needed in order to find solutions for surviving our dystopian times. (Not that the rest isn’t good, if you have an interest in the topic.) I really like that Corbett has started a “#SolutionsWatch” series of videos; this isn’t technically part of that series but contains a solution-oriented element.

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Thanks Beat. Just ready for what to do. Done with what lead us to where we are now. This gives some good what to dos.

“Pseudopandemic, New Normal Technocracy Richard D Hall & Iain Davis” - a 4 part interview about the book on YT

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Nice catch here Ibirjega. I am more than halfway through the book, but these interviews provide some strong clarity. It does seem to me that more and more of this ‘stuff’, questioning the narrative, is now becoming the norm. And one doesn’t have to agree with every interpretation that an Iain Davis gives to feel that his efforts to illuminate very recently history - ie the scamdemic! - are part of a welcome pushback to the Globalist narrative we are forced to live with right now :slight_smile: