Japanese researchers are developing artificial-gravity buildings for space

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One would enjoy knowing what an “Hexagon Space Track System” actually is. Oh, well, if google one must…

Has to go underground. Where’s the follow up articles on the Chinese rover on the dark side of the moon? Remember it was pulling up on a manmade structure, a bunker, in the last update now crickets?? Moon crickets?? Total silence is deafening. The Webb can detect molecules, life signatures, light years away, in the past actually, but we got Giza posters thinking radioactive death materials are being kept in Israeli embassies??? I must reconsider where I do my drinking, right? I hate to point this out for congress but we got alien life signatures here!! On earth point the Webb this direction!! Find out what we already know! Evidently ET who we know is here won’t give up his home location so Webb has outted it!! No wonder Webb is being peppered with meteor dust lol lol it’s marginal and I won’t buy the data, you drink it

A spinning cylinder is a cool idea. It being the Japanese, I bet it is spun by a huge robot.