Jay Dyer: Elite's Plans of the Last Century Are Being Rolled Out

Many historical dots to connect here … they discuss the current dystopia and what he calls the “business phase” of the elite’s Great Reset plan of the last century which is being rolled out through managed and staged crises. … somehow, imho, knowing is not comforting …


Yes, Margaret, not exactly heartwarming stuff eh? Nothing particularly revelatory, basically confirming much that is well known here I think; but a good presentation that does gather much material in one presentation :slight_smile:

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His film/tv reviews are packed filled w/esoterica, connections to intel agency projects, revelation of the method.
Curious what others thought of the last & current Dr. Strange films especially from a mental technology angle. I saw it as walking between worlds w/heart, integrity, truth.


He was actually a presenter at the Bastrop Secret Space Program to talk about predictive programming.


… and generously acted as stand-in emcee for the conference as Dark Journalist’s flight was delayed by the storms Hollywood & Predictive Programing | Jay Dyer - YouTube


Wow does that vid bring back memories. Thanks for posting.

Agree. “In the beginning…and here we are now.” The veil is lifted, thanks to the efforts and experience of folks like these.

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