JFK Warned the CIA a State w/i a State

As recently as a year ago, the CIA claimed releasing that info would be harmful to US security:

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The CIA knows that publishing the full memo would further undermine its role as an American ‘security’ risk. Same goes for the FBI and a host of other Federal agencies. A full, and complete vetting of all career officers of those agencies is needed by trusted outside agencies.


Along the bulk of risks [1] full disclosed case will be most compromising for cia if is exposed as executor, what is logical knowing that the same was owned by allen’dullith who not just that had have personal animosity towards JFK but also was stooge for the bank’corp’elites thus also compromising for the shadow government, simply wide opening of the case could expose the greatest swamp monster in usA which surely will not sit with crossed arms if disclosure starts happening (maybe alone the rise of DonaldT have put “them” in motion how he was waving about) we can just guess if so whether will throw the us’economy in abyss or will push usA in nuclear war so would keep its tail if not horns still in “its” swamp!?

I really find interesting the next analogy how dullith was “their” stooge i.e. dulles bros as managing partners of the rockefellers favorite law firm sullivan&cromwell [2][2][2]-[2][2][2] bros which by removing JFK opened door for “their” fiat’ing [3][3][3] but also coz JFK was granted chair by “them” and didnt stay obedient pawn simply it was left to dullith to remove JFK and cover his (“theirs”) involvement [4][5][6][6][6]

Probably “they” implanted narrative that would compromise JFK too so it would be extra embarrassing to be released the case wide open in public, one would guess “they” do “their” best as to cover up the murder so as to secure the cover up, name it deep collaboration with soviets vatican or onasis etc. alike spins, tho this would be just good swaying excuse for any later president to have second thoughts coz for the public JFK will always be JFK no matter what kind of smudging of his presidency is done, alone just for evading ww3 he is worthy respect by whole world …

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Meh, they should just have vaxxx mandates for everyone who works there.