Just one Story of Lucifer.Revisited

Frustrated by the failure, Lucifer decides to use the most powerful weapon in his arsenal. The music.
It seemed the better way when first I heard him speak.I wonder what it was ,I wonder what it meant first he touched on love then he touched on death.And he succeeds, instantly. Natives were so fascinated, mesmerized and hypnotized that without their own will, that is, in the absence of their own will, caused by the action of the weapon, they simply allowed him to rule over them. And so it is to this day.
From those ancient times.But the end of the story is that Lucifer is not the name of the demon, but only a description, or just a title. In my opinion, he or she is the one who knows how to produce light,or pitch darkness using music, that is, musical harmonics, through any of the intermediaries we call, vacuum, space, time or ether.
Emphаsizing that he is not he but it is she, that is, she is female by gender. Not he the Lucifer,but she the Lucifer.Also a very, very close companion of God. Very close if you understand me,what i am trying to say. Sounded like the truth seemed the better way. But it’s not the truth today

I hope that you who read this short story will understand that I do not want to offend anyone based on their gender. That was not and is not my intention at all.

veri gut bullshyte. it’s like at a Holland party: drink your own, that you brought.
‘it was not my intention to kill people. my intention was to bring them together in silence. it is not my fault, at all.’
and by the way i would love to fluff Lucifer, if he is a she, and he(?) wants me to play Capitaly (i really like the corners). no offense!

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Also true.

Indeed. Don’t “they” repeat and practice this daily.

I wouldn’t recommend it. But it’s your choice if you want.

None taken.Thank you for your comment.Luxurious one.

feel free to enjoy it. you’ll get no more. Happy Day or Rauch
if i were you, i would go to the market and sell my ego. Lucifer surely pays a good fee for such an infatuation.

Thank you.

But you are not me.

I am poor in that sense.I have no ego for selling, nor one that can be hurt, or at least bruised.

Maybe. But I wouldn’t know nor i care for such payments or trading. I haven’t had and I don’t have such a need for infatuation, nor i have such a thing for sale. Nor am I in contact with such buyers of such products. Nor do I intend to be,ever.I posted this trying to make another point. But that will probably be left for another time.

Hey teacher leave them kids alone…all in all you are just another brick in the wall.

Devil music is #1 best, Christian rock sucks!:joy:

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