Karl Lauterbach is Germany’s Federal Minister of Health. Yesterday, he dropped a bombshell on Germans in an interview. It has been posted on Youtube with English subtitles


Don’t know what all the hub hub is about, all I am hearing is “something must be done for injured" by giving them some money and a one size fits all health care provided by the same culprits and lining their pockets even more in the proces!

So, what is this laud applause for besides damaging eardrums?


Mea culpa! Let’s all be reasonable. It is only a small percentage. Such an important injection was EFFECTIVE. Oh yes, the profits were exorbitant. Wouldn’t it be nice if for optics the companies would contribute? Negligence? What negligence? I never said . . . Naturally as a Minister I will do my job.

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@neru I’m taking that pic👀

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Thanks for this video. Most American’s tend to think that only U.S. citizens are complaining about injuries. I shared this with some others.

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Well, at least now there’s a name for it, Post-vac Syndrome. Wonder if the medical coding will be included for insurance coverage?

As long as the name isn’t shortened to PVS. We wouldn’t want it confused with Perfectly Viable Sickness (PVS) even if the first PVS causes the second PVS. Imagine the confusion. Billy tells Willie he has PVS. Willie asks, which one? See what I mean? :wink: