Keeping Up With All Things European ... Was there ever an 11 November 1918?

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The elite of the West are batshit insane.


… What you say certainly appears to be the case. For some time, I have considered the period from 28 July 1914 to the present as one long continual “historical” context with no division of time as this war, that war, and with no “dedicated” “set off” interwar period. I think that this assumption of Continuity is what is missing in our attempt to understand the historical relations of the last one hundred years or so.


Mass depopulation needed. Maybe energy shortages are not only occuring on this side of the veil? Who knows.

Pure speculation, but if “seers” are right and dead people are not dissapating to the lands of the dead since vaccination, as many are supposes to, haunted lands may be the result. What that is good for, I don’t know.

I watch and read to much horror and my phantasy is on a tangent.

Amen! We’re still haunted by the ghost of World War I and all that followed. Few or none of the big geopolitical issues around that war were ever resolved.

One could argue this thread of continuity started even earlier – with the unification of Deutschland in 1871, for example.


… I prefer to think things got kicked off with Charlemagne in 748 and really got cranking upon his death in 814. Hello Boys and Girls. Can you say Carolingian? Good, I knew you could.


…no argument from me, for obvious reasons…!

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… I’m glad you feel like Tom Wolfe. If you feel like using an exclamation point, then by God, use one. :slight_smile:

…ahhh…one of my favorite novelists. I need to re-read Bonfire of the Vanities again!

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I still think history should be linked with global bioengineering in what is unfolding today. The selection of “dignitaries” if one can called them that, know everything about nothing. Never saw so much robotic things congregate in those numbers within politics. The only thing still human in them seems “bloodlust”.

… Yes, many good things to be gleaned from the words of Mr. Wolfe (God rest his soul).

This is only in response to Belarus buildup of their troops on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border earlier this year.
But Ukrainian moves suggest that it behaves as defacto NATO country.

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Then we have the war before WWI!! The events surrounding it were dealt with in the book “Jennie”, Mother of Winston Churchill. It was interesting to read her take on how that one happened as she lived through it & escaped to England before it hit Paris.