Kiev Institute of Materials Research - Psychotropic Biogenerators

Found these dated articles about Kiev’s Psychotropic Biogenerators from CIA archives.

The first article reminds me of Dr. Farrell’s The Philosopher’s Stone where efforts were made to debunk The Red Mercury. In the present case, I think The Pravda doth protests too much concerning torsional physics (e.g., “It’s all unadulterated crap.”, “…signs of a huge fraud.”, “Pseudo and anti-scientific work concerning ‘spinoric’ (torsional) or ‘microleptonic’ fields.”, and my personal favorite “…all this work on creating ‘psi’ weapons isn’t worth a brass farthing.” ).

The second link wonders if psychotropic biogenerator was used to bring down the government in 1991.

In any event, maybe the current invasion is not only about biomedical labs, but also about psychtropic biogenerators in Kiev.


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It is very possible that Russians are looking in UKR for something else than home grown nazi.
But in most of the civilized world, these things are done by intel, and of that, Soviets had plenty then and now over there. No need to blow up a half of the country to search for unconventional weapons.

Was thinking more in terms of payback.

You mean, Kievan Russians, behind a fall of Soviets in 1991?

I’m not implying it, but Viktor Sedletskiy (second link) seems to be.