Kings of the east developing beast-tech mind-control weapons


May 9, 2022 by SkyWatch Editor

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army may break through the United States’ information-age arsenal, no matter how cutting-edge, if the technology remains tied to the operational concepts of a previous era. China is developing a new concept of warfare, which they call intelligentized warfare. First mentioned by the government in 2019, it is an innovative military concept with a focus on human cognition […] Chinese thinkers have clearly stated that the core operational concept of intelligentized warfare is to directly control the enemy’s will. The idea is to use AI to directly control the will of the highest decision-makers, including the president, members of Congress, and combatant commanders, as well as citizens. “Intelligence dominance” or “control of the brain” will become new areas of the struggle for control in intelligentized warfare, putting AI to a very different use than most American and allied discussions have envisioned… (READ MORE)


Bribing and blackmail are included.
Has the global press has been using “intelligentized warfare”?

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Operation Crimson Mist, Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda


Im pretty sure the war of minds started before the first religion even was a thought.

But they are not wrong in what is happening, every dystopic scifi is happening all at once.
Whatever existence is going to be like, its going to be something else then before.

Most likely many things all at once, hopefully there is some kind of free will involved in where you end up.

Personally i think getting far away from big cities and any spot that may be strategically important in a conflict or connected to critical infrastructure is good.

Alot of dams being close to collapse all over etc.

Isn’t that why they built the dams in the first place?


Ooooh. That is a VERY interesting thought, @WuWu. Thank you.

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It is the Chucky Cheese syndrome (see CAF- She talked about it when it happened. Parents started brawling in a Chucky Cheese in front of their children.)

From what I know the Rwanda genocide was a test run: the Hutu were given vaccines and they responded to inflammatory radio broadcasts and turned on the Tutsi. All by design. Didn’t know about the microwave technology being used.

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Good info, undine. Didn’t know the Hulus were vaccinated to single them out. Thanks!

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