Kundalini Yoga Swami

      Swami Shivom Tirth of thrice blessed memory taught my friend and Orthodox brother in Christ, Paul Mc Niven also of thrice blessed memory, Ku\ndalini Yoga which he in turn passed on to me.  In this lecture he begins speaking of the purification of the heart, a subject which is at the heart of orthodox christian praxis:  

                (beginning at 5:48) "... If you have to realise the presence of soul in your 
      heart, it is very important, it is very necessary that first of all you should purify your 
      heart [of] all of the passions;  all the passions should be cleared out, it should be 
      thrown off.  That you cannot do ... with your own efforts!  ..."  

     The Swami in Austin, Texas (year unknown):  

     Headshots of actor Paul Mc Niven 

(Paul studied under Sonia Moore in New York City. She studied under Konstantin Stanislavski in Moscow. I have an autographed copy of this cover photo that I retrieved after Paul reposed:)

      The Swami’s ashram near Bastrop, Texas is still in operation: