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How dare she, how dare she!


Worse things can happen…

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Loved it!
Classic analogue humor in digital format[17+ dwarfs]

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You persist in posting content which generates a “disgust response”. This may be construed as a typical MK-Ultra -type technology( or MK-Naomi, or MK-etc…) .
This is NOT ON. As in, unacceptable.
IF you are an actual human, and not a bot or FBI laptopboy, then kindly turn your sights to more solution-oriented praxises.
Thank you.

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I nearly choked on my project ARTICHOKE!!!.. Oh but life would so simple, if I were a “bot”…but alas, I’m Not…

Life is not supposed to be hilarious. Life is pleasant, and SHOULD give rise to Joy.

Not funny.
Oh, yes, + 20 characters

Blowing up a pipeline doesn’t really seem like Greta to me but I wouldn’t be that surprised if she did something like that.

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How Dare You!!!

What kind of a question is that?

What brings you here to the star of death today?

She hardly seems competent.
Anyway, rumour suggests that ANTO/NATTO was involved, and, that Denmark special forces themselves did the dirty deed.

Of course it was the Danes.

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The “Dani” …

  • 20 friggin’ characters…

Did you just make up that word or you speak dænish?

I do indeed speek-a-da-Danish. But, “the word” I attempted to reference was noted to the tribe of “Dan”, whilst having a tounge-in-cheek to offshore drilling. Anyway, Denmark still owns Greenland, the full continent in the Arctic, and thus is a major power in this Play.

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Ah, the Dani of tribe Dan. Thought at first you were correcting my plural for Dane. Beautiful country Denmark.


Yes, it can be nice, with the hedged-in gardens, coffee in the backyard with the 0roses… But, being here as of now, I really miss mountains; I love them mountains, remote thunderstorms a-brewing.

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