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You’re probably like me, and thought that GMOs were not a good idea then, and not a good idea now. If so, then you and me have joined… er… the Russians, who didn’t think it was a v ery good idea either, not the least of which was because of falling yields in GMO acres,…


Whoa, to the deception the diversion the physical affects of covid plus the physical affects of COVID’s vaccine, are, that few are focused on the psychological affects of covid and COVID’s vaccine and the logistics have had on all of our human beings, and their beloved animals. It’s saddening for me looking out at a massive campaign to convince us are elections are real, are bodies aren’t sick, it’s a total joke, take a poll, ask mr science, he knows everything, unless he voted for Chump, then he’s erasable, but to ignore what this scam of a psyop has done to the feeble minds of the masses and their hysteriphobia catastrophobia, emotional basketcase of utter chaos with no end in sight. Troubling thing is it’s contrived, knowing trauma’s affect on mind control, and it ain’t funny, this pattern of abuse.

Welcome to the new era of gene editing and delivery;
w/black market demand growing exponentially for synbio products.


Unsurprising if you think about it as they are attacking the people of the earth on every possible front. Biological warfare for these mad scientists does include weaponizing insects and nature in general (weather, seed contamination, desecration of forests via fires, blatant poisoning of the waters) but the worst violation is the last frontier. The human brain. Mr. Farrell I would very much like to hear your views on what is called touchless torture. Though it doesn’t always present as exactly that such as the much ballyhood Havana Syndrome with overt pain but rather a whole host of experiences. Suffice it to say they have completely mapped the human brain with fine precision so as to engage in silent telepathy and a level of overt mind control techniques that would have made the Nazis seething with envy. Think frequencies and satellites. I’m looking at you Starlink.


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With such variation in the testimony it’s hard to know who is being outright tortured or just suffering the side effects of some kind of brain interface technology. Whatever the case it is nonconsensual and causes huge mental health damage.